Hello, I'm Diano!

I am a Product/Visual Designer with a background in photography, graphic design, and customer service. My experiences focusing on complex problem solving, creative solutions, and customer satisfaction brought me to embrace a career in user-experience design.

As a designer, I'm driven by users' stories and interactions. I'm inspired by the ability for collaboration to solve problems and building solutions logically. Focusing in effectively helping people, I make data-driven decisions in order for me to solve their real live problems using design.




Walmart Labs


How might we address our customer’s unmet needs in finding, buying, and giving gifts as close to an in-person experience?

End to End | Post Transaction | Cart & Checkout | Account Settings | Communications


Walmart Labs


What I did for communications was to improve how we communicate to our Walmart customers through email, sms, and push notifications across various projects. In addition, I lead this team through Walmarts redesign and was able to implement a design system along the way. In addition, I created a partner engagement process and design reviews for my final sign-off.  

Product Design | Redesign | Design Systems | Illustrations | Omni-Channel 



I'm still working on this case study – sorry about that!

How might we help our customers recover their hacked account and add an extra layer of security for them? 

Product Design | Security | Fraud | End to End 



Worked on redesigning the landing page to help educate customers on how their Malware is unique compared to their competitors. 

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